NFT Protocol

NFT is the foundation of digital assets. In Ethereum, NFT standards such as ERC-721 and ERC998 are mainly used. Rangers Protocol draws on the advantages of the Ethereum standards mentioned above while expanding its features:

Rangers Protocol records the life cycle data of NFTs, including the following stages:

  • NFT Set release

  • NFT minting

  • NFT transaction

  • NFT destruction

  • NFT transactions to other public chains

In Rangers Protocol, we believe that the most critical value of NFT is reflected in the reuse and inheritance of data. In other words, NFT should be reusable by multiple dapps. To this end, Rangers Protocol expands the NFT protocol as follows:

  • Within a specific time, NFT belongs to one particular dapp;

  • Each dapp has its own independent data space in NFTs. For all dapps, all data spaces are readable. However, only the currently attributed dapp can modify the data corresponding to this dapp;

  • In Rangers Protocol, we have designed the NFT shuttle mechanism so that NFTs can belong to another dapp. The specific process is: the user makes a shuttle request, the current dapp approves it, and the target dapp agrees to receive it;

  • We have also designed the NFT lending mechanism. Like renting a house in real life, the renter of NFT only has the right to use it, but not the right to trade.