Rangers WebSocket User Manual

The app communicates with Rangers Protocol by adopting the method of WebSocket connection

For a WebSocket usage example, please refer to: 1


ws domain name

  • Please refer to network part - The following is referred to as ws_url

The app sends data in JSON format


Field Explanation :

  • socketRequestId Message ID, designated by the App, the return of the user identified message

  • source RangersProtocol account address

  • target Account address or contract address

  • type Message type (required)

  • time Timestamp (required)

  • data Message data

  • hash Message hash(required)

  • sign Signature of the message (required)

  • nonce Used to mark App messages, each message nonce must be added by one (mandatory)

Back in JSON format


Field Explanation :

  • id SocketRequestId that sends the message

  • status Back to status code 0 for failure and 1 for success

  • version Version number Current reserved data

  • data Back to data



  1. type - number - Type 100

  2. extraData - json - Transfer Information (optional)
    • coin json,Currency of transfer as follows:{“ETH”:”3.26”,”NEO”:”565”}

    • ft json,The ft of transfer is as follows:{“ftId1”:”2.56”,”ftId2”:”5.99”}

    • nft json,the NFT of the transfer is as follows:[{“setId”:setId, “id”:id}]


  • data - string - Transfer Execution Result



Back to data


The appendix


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